Tuesday’s Specials

Vegetarian Soup of the Day:
Roasted Rutabaga Bisque

Pickled Shiitake, Argan Oil



*Raw Bar

Served on the Half Shell w/ Cava Mignonette & Cocktail Sauce

Ichabod Flats ~ Plymouth, MA $2.75 each




Grilled Marble Potatoes $7.95

Tuna Sauce, Chive, Shiso Furikake


*House-Cured Duck Prosciutto $6.95

Shaved Baby Fennel, Rhubarb Catsup, Pumpkinseed Oil


*Scallop Carpaccio Salad $8.95

Bibb Lettuce Hearts, Korean Plum Marmalade




*Pan-Roasted Faroe Islands Salmon $20.95

Quinoa & Cucumber Salad, Pineapple Salsa

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