Wednesday’s Speacials

Vegetarian Soup of the Day:
Golden Beet Soup

Pumpkin Seed Oil


*Raw Bar

Served on the Half Shell w/ Cava Mignonette & Cocktail Sauce

Warrens Cove Oysters ~ Plymouth, MA. $2.75 each



Charred Eggplant $7.95

Green Peppercorn, Shaved Fennel, Crème Fraiche


Chili-Seared Whole Shrimp $10.95

Vanilla-Corn Puree, Japanese Cauliflower, Opal Basil


Crispy Potato Tacos $8.95

Refried Beans, Brava Sauce, Pickled Jalapeno, Cotija Cheese



Pan-Seared Yellowfin Tuna $22.95

Mushroom Freekah, Spinach, Wax Beans, Carrot Ketchup


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