Thursday’s Specials

Vegetarian Soup of the Day:

Black Bean

*Raw Bar

*Spring Creek Oysters ~ Barnstable, MA. $2.75 each

Served on the Half Shell w/ Cava Mignonette & Cocktail Sauce

mild brine with a sweet finish


*Citrus Cured Arctic Char Salad $10.95

Fennel, Jicama, Wild Rice, Mango-Lime Dressing

*Pan-Seared Scallops $12.95

Parsnip Puree, Pepper Jam,

Chorizo Bread Crumbs


*Pan-Roasted Swordfish $24.95

Red Bean & Kale Stew

*Grilled Hanger Steak $28.95

Fingerling Potatoes, Creamed Spinach,

Bordelaise Sauce

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